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Edit Mileage Rates

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Edit Mileage Rates

Relevant to the hmtoggle_arrow0Expenses Administrators role.

Accessed via: Vehicle Types > Edit button

Different vehicle types can be set up to cater for a number of scenarios for expenditure incurred when using company or personal vehicles.

Adding, Editing and Deleting Mileage Rates

note_image Note: It is best practice to add new mileage rates in advance of them coming into effect. This ensures the most up to date rates are used when recording mileage expenses.

A mileage rate is associated to a vehicle type. Multiple rates may need to be specified depending on the vehicle type configuration (e.g. if dual mileage rates apply and/or if the sales tax on mileage is being reclaimed).

oCreate a new rate by selecting the Add Rate button. Refer to the information below to understand how mileage rates can be configured.

oYou may Edit existing rates or Delete existing rates (using the delete_line_icon icon shown next to a rate) provided they have not already been used against a mileage expense.

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