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License and Registration Wizard - License Number



The License Number dialog allows you enter or modify your license details, and install add-ons and upgrades.


To display this dialog, click Edit button in the License organization details dialog, or right-click on Licensing and Registration in the Zetafax Configuration main view.


If the software is unregistered, the license details will be blank. Before Zetafax can be used for sending faxes it must be registered with the software suppliers.


If you have registered your software previously, the current license details will be displayed. If the license number is changed, you will need to re-register Zetafax with the software suppliers.


Starter license number


The starter system license number is shown on the CD or registration form supplied with the software box - you are asked to enter this when you first install the software. When you install add-ons or version upgrades to a starter system the license number displayed changes to an upgraded number (although the first part always stays the same).


Note : Each time you reinstall the software you will need to re-enter the starter license and each add-on or version upgrade separately. Re-entering the original starter system license will remove any add-ons or version upgrades which have since been added to the system. Online registration will need to be performed each time your license details are modified.


Add-on packs installed


If you have added any add-ons or version upgrade licenses to the starter system (e.g. to add extra fax lines or users) they will be displayed in this list, together with the original starter system license number.




Install an add-on or version upgrade license to the Zetafax system. License add-on packs add extra features, such as the programmers interface (API) or direct dial inward routing (DDI/DID). There are also add-on packs to add extra users or fax lines.


Once a starter system license has been entered, click the Add button to install add-ons or version upgrades, then enter an add-on or upgrade license number (which starts with a 'U'). If the original system was registered (see Starter license number above), you must register the upgraded system within 28 days to continue sending faxes.

To remove all add-ons or version upgrades, re-enter the starter system license number in the Starter license number field above.


Once the Add-on number is entered, the add-on will appear in the list of installed add-on packs in the Modify license details dialog.




Continue to the next screen of the registration wizard, the Software assurance dialog.




Do not save changes to the Zetafax license and return to the License organization details dialog.


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