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License organization details



The License organization details dialog allows license and registration details to be entered or edited.


To display this dialog, click Register or upgrade software in the Zetafax Configuration main dialog.


You will be prompted to enter your company details and the Zetafax license number. The Zetafax Server and any add-ons will then be fully enabled for a grace period of 28 days, during which time you must register the software. Should the 28 day period expire without registering the software, you will be unable to send any faxes from your fax server until you register the software.


License number


Displays the license number. The first eight characters of the license number may need to be quoted to your Zetafax software suppliers, when seeking support and when upgrading your system. The screen displays the licensed number of users and fax lines, and the upgrade options installed.




Enter your organization name. This field is compulsory.


Important: This name cannot be altered after you click OK . Make sure that you enter it correctly as this is the organization name that will appear on all outgoing faxes. If you want to change your contact details after you have registered Zetafax, you need to repeat the online registration process.


Contact name or department


This is usually the name of the Zetafax system administrator.




Edit the license and registration details, or add upgrades to the license. Displays the Modify Zetafax license details dialog.




Close the dialog and return to the Zetafax Configuration main dialog.


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