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License and Registration Wizard - Registration Center

Zetafax must be registered within 28 days of a license change for you to be able to keep sending faxes. Registration of Zetafax is done via our online Product Registration Page.


Zetafax Online Registration Process


To Register your software open the Zetafax Configuration Program.

Then select License and Registration from the console root.

Select Actions -> Modify /upgrade license details from the menu.

This will open up the License and Registration Wizard


License and Registration Wizard

The License and Registration Wizard allows you to set up additional licenses and to configure the details that will appear on your registration. You can purchase licenses for additional users, additional lines, API functionality, or integration with third-party products.


When the wizard launches, the License number dialog is displayed.




1.        Enter your License number


2.        Click Add to set up additional licenses


3.        Contact sales@equisys.com for further information on add-ons for Zetafax.


4.        Click Next when finished.


5.        In the Software Assurance dialog, enter your Software Assurance number.





Software Assurance entitles you to free upgrades for one year. If you have a Software Assurance license, you must register it here to be eligible for free upgrades. See Software Assurance  for more information.


License and Registration - Online Registration

Copies of Zetafax and any associated upgrade or add-on packs require the registration to be completed within 28 days to be able to continue sending faxes. You will be prompted to register your copy if you have not done so, this will open up the License and Registration Wizard, it offers you two methods of registering depending on whether the machine you are using has an internet connection. If the machine lacks access to the internet it is possible to register your copy of Zetafax from another machine.


Registering from another computer

To register your copy of Zetafax from another computer, select the Register from Another Computer button. This will open up a dialogue box containing the details necessary to perform a registration from another machine, copy these details and follow the instruction detailed below from a computer with internet access.

Register Online


1.Click the Register Online button.

2.Add the Company name and select the Register button, the Product Registration Page should open already populated with the license key details.

3.Add any remaining missing details and when completed click the Register button, your registration code will be emailed to the email address provided on the registration page.

4.Enter this registration code into the License and Registration Wizard, select the Finish button to complete your registration process.




Data Protection Statement


Click the Read More button to read details of the data protection statement.



This goes back to the previous screen in the registration wizard without saving any changes. Displays the Data protection statement dialog.



Confirms the information typed, and ends the registration wizard. If automatically registering, re-registering or manually registering, a further dialog will be shown. If no changes have been made, then you will return to the Zetafax Configuration program.



Close the dialog and return to the Zetafax Configuration program.


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