How Zetadocs Delivery uses Job Queues

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How Zetadocs Delivery uses Job Queues


Zetadocs Delivery uses Business Central Job Queues, and it needs two Job Queues to work:



Zetadocs also provides one Job Queue Category for each Job.  It creates two categories: one for batches of one document, and another one for batches of more than one document.


The Job Queue Category Lists are automatically created by Zetadocs.


How the batches are processed

All the batches are processed in the background on the server.  Please note:  Job Queues are shared for all users in the same Business Central tenant.


  1. When a Zetadocs user submits a job (by clicking on the Zetadocs Send button), Zetadocs creates a new entry in Job Queue Entries.
  2. This entry is queued in the Zetadocs Queue, and Business Central schedules it for processing.


About the entry

The entry contains the necessary information for Zetadocs to deliver the batch. When a batch is processed successfully, the entry will be deleted from Job Queue Entries and will be visible in Job Queue Log Entries.


If there an error in a batch

If the batch has one or more errors, it will remain in an error status in the Zetadocs Delivery Outbox with further information regarding the error.  You can Retry the batch once you have resolved all errors.