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Sending documents as a batch


When you want to send several documents simultaneously, Zetadocs will automatically send the documents as a batch. This is a similar procedure to sending a single document.


The difference is the Zetadocs Batch Delivery Settings will open. This displays the delivery settings of the batch items and any errors. It also enables you to adjust the settings of a particular item in a batch.


In this example, we will look at how to send a batch of Sales Orders.


To do this we will:


Select the contents of your batch

  1. Search for Sales Quotes and display the Sales Quotes list.
  2. Click the Zetadocs Send button on the Actions menu. This displays the Sales - Quote request page. This allows you to identify the range of documents you wish to send, click OK to continue.
  3. This displays the Zetadocs Batch Delivery Settings. Please see What are the Zetadocs Delivery options available for batch delivery for more information.


Deliver and archive your quote

  1. Click Send. The sending progress is displayed in the Zetadocs Outbox. Once completed clicking the Activity log button shows you the send result in the Activity Log and information about the quotes you sent, and it will also tell you the location where these quotes have been archived in SharePoint Online.
  2. You can now close the Sales Quotes.