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Zetadocs Activity Log


When you send and archive documents using Zetadocs, successful operations are logged to the Zetadocs Activity Log as a permanent record for auditing. Detailed event logs of the last 7 days are also logged to the Zetadocs Activity Log to help troubleshoot errors. The Zetadocs Activity Log is accessible from the search button in Business Central or from the Activity button on the Zetadocs Delivery Outbox.


Activity Log

The Activity Log shows you the send result information about the documents you sent, and it will also tell you the location where the documents have been archived in SharePoint Online.





Manage > View or the Show More Options (3 dots)


Use the Search bar to filter events.

Show All Logs

Use to view detailed events about the operation to help troubleshoot errors.


Updates the activity log with the latest operations.

Clear Current Logs

Deletes detailed event logs, but retains the success operations.

Open in Excel

Exports the activity log to Excel for analysis.

Show Activity Logs

Toggles the activity log to only successful operations.

Show Related Logs

Shows related operations for the activity line.


Use the Filter button to filter the log by visible fields or available fields.