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Zetafax Configuration menu commands



To use the Zetafax Configuration program, double-click or open an item in the left pane and select an option in the right-pane. Either select a command from the Action menu or right-click on an item for menu shortcuts.




This menu provides commands to let you work with the selected Zetafax item, plus commands to manage the MMC. It presents Zetafax-specific commands that are appropriate to the currently selected Zetafax item.




Lets you edit the item, displaying the dialog appropriate to the type of item. Pressing RETURN is equivalent.



Provides commands to let you access and manage the MMC 'favorites'. See the MMC Help for details.




Provides commands to let you control the MMC display. See the MMC Help for details.




Use this to delete the selected item.




Use this to rename the selected item.




Use this command to launch context-sensitive help topics.


Set new Zetafax user defaults


Right-click on Zetafax users to use this command, which enables you to set up users or groups of users. See New user defaults for more information.


Modify/upgrade license details


Select Licensing and Registration in the left-hand pane and right-click to display this command. Use it to modify your license details or install an add-on or upgrade. See Modify license details for more information.  Export list...

When an item is selected in the left hand pane, use this command to export the list displayed in the right-hand pane. Select a location and name for the file and export as a tab delimited text file or a comma delimited CSV file.