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Creating Zetafax user accounts

This topic explains how to set up users of the Zetafax system. See Enabling network users to define user access restrictions.


User maintenance

Users are added using the Zetafax Configuration program. Permissions such as the ability to send urgent faxes or edit the network address book may be set individually for each user.


To add a user

You can add a user in two ways:

1.Select the Zetafax  folder and click Add user  in the right  pane.

2.Select the Users and user groups  folder, highlight Zetafax users , click the Action menu or right-click and select Add new Zetafax  user.


The Add new Zetafax user  dialog is displayed.




Windows Account

Uses your current Windows Account to log on to Zetafax


Zetafax Account

Uses your Zetafax Account to log on to Zetafax. Your Zetafax Account may be different to your Windows Account.


Note: Zetafax Usernames can only use the following characters: A-Z, 0-9, ‘_’ or ‘-‘



New user defaults

The Zetafax Configuration program makes it simple to configure groups of Zetafax user accounts at once each with similar privileges. This is achieved using the  (new user defaults ) account in the Zetafax user details dialog.  The new user defaults setting acts as a "template" from which all new  Zetafax accounts are based. If you wish to configure several Zetafax users at  once and to specify restrictions such as send time and dial allowed, you can  edit the (new user defaults) user, specify the appropriate restrictions and  create a new user by clicking the New  button. The new user and subsequent  new users will inherit the properties of the (new user default) settings.


Note : Using the (new user defaults) setting, it is also possible to  specify whether each new Zetafax user is enabled to use the email gateway. If  either of the Allow sending from email gateway  or Forward received  messages via email  check boxes are selected, the Zetafax Configuration program  will find a match for the network username from the list of email users it acquired  using the email username Import Service. If Zetafax does not find a match in  the email list, an email username can be entered manually at a later stage in  the appropriate field.


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