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Configuration wizards

Zetafax has a number of easy-to-use wizards to help you quickly step through basic configuration.  The Zetafax configuration wizards will automatically start up the first time either the Configuration program or the Server program is run.  


The configuration wizards launched are:

License and Registration Wizard

Share Zetafax Folder Wizard

Add User Wizard

Device Configuration Wizard


Zetafax automatically launches the next wizard as you complete each one in turn.


Starting the configuration wizards




Click Next to start configuring Zetafax.


License and Registration Wizard

The License and Registration Wizard allows you to set up additional licenses and to configure the details that will appear on your registration. You can purchase licenses for additional users, additional lines, API functionality, or integration with third-party products.


When the wizard launches, the License number dialog is displayed.




1.        Enter your License number


2.        Click Add to set up additional licenses


3.        Contact sales@equisys.com for further information on add-ons for Zetafax.


4.        Click Next when finished.


5.        In the Software Assurance dialog, enter your Software Assurance number.





Software Assurance entitles you to free upgrades for one year. If you have a Software Assurance license, you must register it here to be eligible for free upgrades. See Software Assurance  for more information.


License and Registration - Online Registration

Copies of Zetafax and any associated upgrade or add-on packs require the registration to be completed within 28 days to be able to continue sending faxes. You will be prompted to register your copy if you have not done so, this will open up the License and Registration Wizard, it offers you two methods of registering depending on whether the machine you are using has an internet connection. If the machine lacks access to the internet it is possible to register your copy of Zetafax from another machine.


Registering from another computer

To register your copy of Zetafax from another computer, select the Register from Another Computer button. This will open up a dialogue box containing the details necessary to perform a registration from another machine, copy these details and follow the instruction detailed below from a computer with internet access.

Register Online


1.Click the Register Online button.

2.Add the Company name and select the Register button, the Product Registration Page should open already populated with the license key details.

3.Add any remaining missing details and when completed click the Register button, your registration code will be emailed to the email address provided on the registration page.

4.Enter this registration code into the License and Registration Wizard, select the Finish button to complete your registration process.




Share Zetafax Folder Wizard

Zetafax is designed on a client/server model, where all data is stored on the server. It is therefore important for client machines to have access to the data on the server. The Share Zetafax Folder Wizard is designed to automate this process. The wizard makes Zetafax available on your network and enables access for Zetafax users.


1.  Click Next.




The dialog displayed allows you to change the share name on the network. This name is used when installing the Zetafax Client. We recommend you accept the default share name of Zetafax. See the Installing the Zetafax Client section for more information.


2.        Click Next and then Finish to complete the Share Zetafax Folder Wizard.


The wizard creates a share and grants full access to all users. If you want to control the security of the system and the privacy of faxes between users, see the Controlling Security section.


Add User Wizard

The Add User Wizard helps to quickly create your Zetafax users.


1.Click Next.




The dialog displays a list of Windows users. Select the Windows users that you want to use Zetafax. Hold down ctrl or S to select multiple users.  If you wish to access a different domain, select the Browse... button and select the domain you require.


Note: You cannot add more users than your license allows.


2.Once you have selected all the users that you require, Click Next and Finish to complete the Add User Wizard.


The wizard creates users with default settings. If you want to configure individual user settings including access permissions, refer to the Creating Zetafax user accounts section.


Device Configuration Wizard


The Device Configuration Wizard allows you to configure the system for the devices you want to use, such as fax modems, printers and intelligent fax boards. You can set details such as the type of modem, serial port and who will receive incoming faxes.


The Device Configuration Wizard automatically detects any Generic Class 1 or 2 fax modems installed on your computer

If no Generic Class 1 or 2 fax modems are found, click Next in the Start dialog.

If a device is found, select Search for installed modems? and click Next.




Any modems detected are listed in the top pane in the Device Configuration Wizard - Found Devices dialog.


If the modem you want to install is listed, select it and click Add. The Device Configuration Wizard - Settings dialog provides you with configuration options for the type of device you selected. Click Help in each dialog for more information.

If the modem you want to install is not in the list, click Back to return to the previous page, select Manually install other devices and click Next.

To install a device other than a Generic Class 1 or 2 fax modem, select Manually install other devices and click Next.


Manually installing devices

You can manually install devices from the Device Type list in the Device Configuration Wizard – Found Devices dialog.


To add a Brooktrout intelligent fax board channel:


Select your board type from the list, click Add and enter the settings – you should add a separate Zetafax device for each channel on the board (except for TRxstream).

Note: You must install the relevant Brooktrout device drivers prior to installing a Brooktrout channel in the Device Configuration Wizard. For more detailed information, refer to the Zetafax Configuration online help.



To add a fax modem:

1.Select Fax modem (class 1 or 2) from the list and click Add:

2.In Device Configuration Wizard – Special Devices, select your fax modem (Class 1 or 2) if listed and click Next.

3.If your fax modem is not displayed, select (Not in list). Click Next to use a generic driver.

4.In the Device options – Fax modem dialog, select the COM port to which the modem is attached.

5.In the Sending section, you can specify a dial prefix if your modem is connected to a PBX extension. You can also enter the number and organization names to appear on the fax header line. Under Receiving, you can configure the modem to be used for incoming calls, outgoing calls or both. Click Help in the dialog for more information. Click OK to save your settings.

6.Click All Settings in the Special devices dialog for other settings and Advanced Options.

Note: To receive inbound faxes, Zetafax requires modem exclusivity - the modem/COM port should not be shared with a remote access service or any other software (such as a dial-up Internet connection).


Advanced options

The Advanced options dialog allows you to specify additional options for the device:




You can configure which action should be taken if fax transmission is interrupted, and turn the modem speaker on and off. You can also edit the modem settings if you have a problem with fax quality or the throughput of faxes; you can specify baud rates (data transmission speed) for sending and receiving faxes and select which fax protocol your modem should use (if applicable).


Service class

The service class of a fax modem describes how a PC fax application communicates with the fax modem. The most common classes of fax modem are Class 1, Class 2, Class 2.0 and Class 2.1. These classes are specified as extensions to the Hayes command set.


The Zetafax Server supports service Classes 1, 2, 2.0 and 2.1. When you select a modem to add from the Device Type list, Zetafax uses the modem in Class 1 mode (if supported).


If you experience problems with your fax modem operating in Class 1 and your modem also supports Class 2/2.0/2.1:

Clear the Use Class 1 (if available) checkbox in the Advanced options dialog.


Testing the Zetafax Server

Once you have completed the Configuration Wizards, the Zetafax Server is ready to send faxes. The next step is to start the Zetafax Server and send a fax to test that it is working correctly.



Note: You must send at least one fax before you can register Zetafax.


To send and receive faxes from other Zetafax components, the Zetafax Server software must be running. You can run the Zetafax Server as either a service or a desktop application. If the Zetafax Server is configured to run as a service, it does not need to be started manually as it starts each time the server is rebooted.


If you intend to run the Zetafax Server as a service:

Click Start on your server and select All programs>Administrative tools>Services to open the Services Manager. Check that the Zetafax Server service has started.

To monitor the activity of the Zetafax Server service, click Start and select Programs>Zetafax>Zetafax Server. The Zetafax dialog is called Zetafax Server Monitor.


If you want to run the Zetafax Server as an interactive application:

Make sure the service is not running, then click Start and select Programs>Zetafax>Zetafax Server. The Zetafax dialog is called Zetafax Server.


To send a test fax you need to use the Zetafax Client. You can install the Zetafax Client Applications by clicking on Start > Programs > Zetafax > Install Zetafax Client. Or you can browse to the server where the Zetafax Server has been installed and click on the ZFAX directory > System > wksetup.exe. Once installed, to open the Zetafax Client:


Click Start and select Programs>Zetafax>Zetafax Client. Follow the instructions in Sending a simple fax.


If the fax message is not sent successfully:

Right-click on the message in the Zetafax Client and select Info. Review the errors displayed to try and fix them.



The Zetafax Configuration Program

At any time after running the Zetafax configuration wizards, the options entered can be changed via the Zetafax configuration program.

Click Start and select Programs>Zetafax> >Zetafax Configuration to start the Zetafax Configuration program. For more information on Zetafax Configuration, refer to the online help.