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Approving Reports

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Approving Reports

Relevant to the hmtoggle_arrow0Expense Approver role.

This section also covers;-

Rejecting Reports

Rejecting individual expenses on the Expense Report

Delegating Reports for approval by another employee

Watch the videos;-

Approving expense reports


Rejecting expenses by line


1.Sign in to the Zetadocs Expenses app on your mobile device, or Zetadocs Expenses website using your Microsoft or Zetadocs account details.

2.Choose the tasks1 Tasks tile.

3.Select Tasks to do from the page filtering options and choose the expense report you want to approve.

4.Choose the first expense on the report to review it. Choose Approve to approve it and move onto the next expense.  Choose the More button to Reject the individual expense - provide a rejection comment so that it is returned to the submitter with enough information to resubmit correctly.

5.Once each expense has been individually approved, or rejected the expense report is ready to be approved.

6.Choose the Approve button to approve the report – if the individual expenses attached to the report have not been approved separately you will be shown a message asking if you want to approve these now. Choose – ‘Yes’ to proceed.

note_image Note: You can Reject or Delegate the entire expense report if you are not happy to approve it by choosing the More... button on the report.

7.Enter any relevant Comments – these will be saved in the Expense Report History section for future reference.

8.Choose the Approve button.