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Installing the Zetafax FoIP Connector (SR140 Edition)

The Brooktrout® SR140 Fax Software product provides the capacity to send and receive faxes via a  VoIP compatible PBX or gateway. It provides Fax over IP (FoIP) capabilities for integrating fax servers and fax document management solutions.

Brooktrout SR140 operates with the SIP and H.323 protocols, for more details on SR140 please see www.dialogic.com, to install the SR140 Fax software follow the steps below.



Installing Brooktrout SR140


1.Open the Zetafax Configuration from the start menu.

2.Select the Add device option and the Device Configuration Wizard will open.



3.Click Next to start the Device Configuration Wizard.



4.Select the Brooktrout Fax Device option from the list of device types and click Add...



5.Select SR140 and then click Next, if you have not yet licensed SR140 on your system a message will appear indicating that you need to do this now. If you have previously installed Brooktrout drivers on your system the wizard may jump to step 11 if you do not need to update them.



6.Select Next to launch the Brooktrout driver installer.



7.Select I accept the terms in the licence agreement, and click on Next.




8.Click Next to confirm the destination folder.




9.Click Install to start the installation.




10.Select Finish to close the wizard. Now that you have completed the Brooktrout driver wizard we can continue with the device configuration.




11.Select Next to apply the SR140 firmware.



12.Once the firmware has completed installation you need to enter your SR140 license. To start this simply select Next to launch the Brooktrout license manager.



13.From the license menu select Install License. You will be asked to specify the location of your license file. Enter this and select Open to install the license.

Brooktrout licence manager


14.To activate your license, select Activate License from the License menu in the Brooktrout license manager and the Brooktrout License activation wizard will appear. For details on activating your  Brooktrout license please see your Brooktrout user documentation.

Brooktrout license actwiz


15.Select Next to start the license activation wizard, precede through the wizard to register your license, see your Dialogic support materials for more information. Once complete return to the Device Configuration Wizard.



16.Select Next and the configuration tool will run, once complete you will be asked to determine the IP stack.



17.The SR140 setup can operate using either the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) or by using the H323 protocol. Select the one that reflects your system setup and select OK to continue.

Note: It is currently not possible to utilise the Both (SIP and H323) option due to an unresolved issue with SR140 if this is selected the system will default to SIP.

18.This will open the Brooktrout Configuration Tool – Advanced mode to allow you to configure SR140 to work with the selected protocol. For basic configuration you will be able to utilise the default values, for more complex installs select the IP parameters tab and input the values as necessary (see step 25).




19.Select the type of protocol identified earlier and click Save then exit the configuration tool.


20.The Device Configuration Wizard will appear allowing you to specify the settings to be used. Should your system be relatively simple, for example a basic SIP system then enter the IP Gateway, Channels and user details. Otherwise if you require a more custom solution, such as failover check the Use Brooktrout Config Tool Settings checkbox and continue from step 25 by leaving the Gateway IP blank and setting the IP using the Brooktrout driver configuration tool.

21.Select the Device module number, if you have multiple cards installed, you will need to make sure the correct module number has been selected for the card you are configuring.


22.In the Channels used setting you need to specify the number of lines on the device you wish to utilize on the device up to the total number available on the device (these may not be the same value if you have a partial PRI line or a limited line licence).


23.Next you need to select the default User to receive incoming faxes if you wish to receive faxes on this device. You can also choose to set a certain number of Receive-only channels or check the Use all channels for incoming calls only if you won't be sending faxes. If you wish to make all channels outgoing only, set the default user to receive faxes to (disabled).


24.If you system has a more complex setup for example a proxy server select the Advanced Button to open the Brooktrout Advanced Configuration Tool.

Advanced Setup


25.If your system requires a more advanced setup click the Advanced button shown above.


26.Should you require still further configuration options select the Driver Configuration Tool button, in this example we will look at setting up a system using the Wizard and configuring failover. Note: Should you have very specific setup requirements you can check the Run Driver Configuration in Advanced Mode checkbox before clicking the Driver Configuration Tool... button.


27.Firstly you need to configure the SIP Setup, select the relevant option and click Next, in this example we would choose Dynamic Routing by a Proxy Server as this option supports failover.


28.Next you need to set the Primary Proxy Server values by adding the IP address and Port number of your fax gateway. Ensure the additional Proxy servers option is set to Yes and click Next.


29. The next screen will allow you to add the IP and port details for each of the Proxy Servers you wish to configure for use, should the primary server fail, click Next when finished and follow the rest of the wizard.


30.You will be returned to the Device Configuration Wizard, when you are happy with the specified settings select OK to and then Next to continue. To complete the installation simply select Next again and then Finish.


31. There is a need to ensure firewall rules on your machine are set up correctly to allow incoming fax transmissions to be accepted from the gateway. The default port used by FoIP is 5060. In your firewall configuration, please ensure this port is not blocked for inbound connections on UDP.



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