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Installing Brooktrout devices and Drivers

Zetafax Server provides support for a variety of Brooktrout intelligent fax devices. Please select your device:




TR1034 E1/T1, TR1034 BRI, Trufax BRI, Trufax Analog (Half length) and TR1034 Analog


Installing the Brooktrout device(s) hardware


Note: To prevent static damage, always connect yourself to ground using a ground strap before working with computers and computer components. Handle boards only by the edges or mounting brackets and Always transport and store them in an anti-static bag.


1.Shut down the server system and remove the cover, also if present remove the PCI expansion hold down bar.

2.Locate a vacant PCI slot, and remove the slot cover from the system chassis.

3.Align the board with the slot and seat the board firmly into the slot, and tighten the mounting screw into the system chassis.


Note: If you are adding an additional Brooktrout board, or installing multiple boards. You must make a note of Module numbers of the various boards. Each board must be set to a unique module number for that system. Please refer to the documentation provided by Brooktrout to do this.


4.Replace the cover.


For more information about the hardware installation please visit the website: http://www.dialogic.com



Installing the Brooktrout Drivers and application


To work through this next section you will need to have your Zetafax installation CD, or have downloaded the current Zetafax Server installation from the Equisys website http://www.equisys.com/support/KnowledgeBase/software_update.html.


1.Start up the system, and logon to Windows as a user with administrator rights.


2.Open Zetafax Configuration from the start menu.


3.Select the Add device option and the Device Configuration Wizard will open.



4.Click Next to start the Device Configuration Wizard.



5.Select the Brooktrout Fax Device option from the list of device types.



6.Select the Brooktrout Device you wish to install and select Next.




7.Select Next to launch the Brooktrout driver installer.



8.Select Next to start the install.






9.Review the license agreement and select I accept the terms in the licence agreement, and click on Next.






10.Click Next to confirm the destination folder, then click Install.






11.Select Finish to close the wizard. Now that you have completed the Brooktrout driver wizard we can continue with the device configuration.




12.On returning to the Device Configuration Wizard select Next to continue.






13.The Brooktrout Configuration Tool - Preferences will be displayed (if this is the first device you are adding).  Accept the defaults and click OK.





14.The Brooktrout Configuration Tool - Wizard Mode will be displayed click Next to start the wizard.


15.The wizard will display the hardware and software information, as shown below, indicating the type of the device and name of the device. The Software Information section will indicate the driver version. Please make sure that the information in the following screen is in accordance with your hardware before clicking Next.  






16. Select the country that you are operating in from the list and click Next.

 Please Note: Systems utilizing a low profile PRI board need to select an appropriate Protocol Option.




17.On the Call Control Port Configuration screen, select Save Configuration and Apply Configuration and click Next.






18.Click Finish to close the Brooktrout Configuration Tool.


19.Then select Next on the Device Configuration window to continue the install.


20.The Zetafax Device Configuration Wizard - Settings dialog box will be displayed.




Note: Configuration for these types of device is on a per device basis, not on a per port basis as in previous versions of Zetafax, or other fax devices.


21.Enter a description for the device you are configuring.


22.If this is the only device you have installed, the configuration program, will have automatically selected the device module number, if you have multiple cards installed, you will need to make sure the correct module number has been selected for the card you are configuring.


23.In the Channels used field you need to specify the number of lines on the device you wish to utilize up to the total number available on the device (these may not be the same value if you have a partial PRI line or a limited line licence).


24.Next you need to select the default User to receive incoming faxes if you wish to receive faxes on this device. You can also choose to set a certain number of Receive-only channels or check the Use all channels for incoming calls only if you won't be sending faxes. If you wish to make all channels outgoing only, set the default user to receive faxes to (disabled) .


Note: If you are using DID/DDI routing, you will still need to select a default user for incoming faxes. This will be the user who receives faxes if no DID/DDI information is received.


25.When you have completed specifying the settings, click Advanced... to specify a dial prefix (e.g. 9 to get an outside line), the fax number on the header line etc. click OK, when you have finished.


Note: You may need to run the Driver configuration tool... in advanced mode if, for example, you have a digital card and need to check that the line type is set to either ISDN or T1 Robbed-bit as appropriate.


26.Click Next , then Next again to continue, and Finish to complete.


27.Continue through the installation as normal.


28.Start up the Zetafax Server, once initiated each channel you specified will show up as idle in the Zetafax Server.


29.Select the type of Brooktrout card you are installing (in this case any of the TR1034 devices or the Trufax BRI) and click Next.



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