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Configuring a Brooktrout device

The Zetafax Configuration program allows you to configure the way in which Brooktrout devices interact with the Zetafax Server.


Main Options


The name that Zetafax Server will use to identify the device, e.g. BTB-G1. This name is automatically generated by the Configuration program.



The device description. This is automatically populated with the device type you selected, but may be changed.


Device Module Number (TR1034, Trufax BRI and Trufax Analog (half length)

Refers to the number selected on the rotary dial on the device. Note that the list only contains valid module numbers, i.e. module numbers where a device exists.


Channels Used

The number of channels used on the Brooktrout device. For TR1034 and Trufax BRI, and Trufax Analog (half length) solutions, the upper limit of this control is set automatically. In each case, you should select the number of channels you want to use on this device. Channels are mapped automatically starting at the lowest channel number (channel 0).


User to receive incoming faxes

The Zetafax user who will receive incoming faxes for this device. By selecting (disabled) the device is configured for sending only. Please note that it is possible to configure a different receiving user for each channel on the Brooktrout card should you wish to do so. Please refer to the document setup.wri in the \SYSTEM\Z-DB\ folder for further details.  Receive-only channels

The number of channels on the device reserved for receive-only calls. Normally, channels are reserved from the lowest channel number first. Please refer to the ChannelsReserved and HighestFirst settings in setup.wri in the \SYSTEM\Z-DB\ folder for further details.


Use all channels for incoming calls only

Reserves all channels on the device for incoming calls, effectively removing the ability to send.



Advanced Options

The advanced options can be accessed by clicking on the 'Advanced' button.


Dial Prefix for External Calls

Allows you to specify a dial-prefix for your fax calls, e.g. enter 9 if you need to dial 9 for an outside line.


Fax number on header line

Enter the fax number that will appear in the header line on your fax.


Organization name on header line

Enter the organization name that will appear in the header line on your fax.


Use DTMF tone dialling

For digital devices, this option is enabled and greyed out.


Detect busy/engaged tone

Tells the Brooktrout device whether it should detect an engaged tone


Detect dial tone

Tells the Brooktrout device whether it should detect (wait for) a dial tone.


Maximum Baud Rates

Specifies the maximum send and receive baud (transmission/reception) rates for the Brooktrout device. If left at the default settings, the rates will be set to the fastest that the device is capable of.



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