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CPPClass Zf­Lib



This is a list of the objects and enumerations that appear in the Zetafax COM library



COM Classes


CPPClass_s API Print

This object allows the API to print via the Zetafax Printer.

CPPClass_s Attachment

The Attachment object contains the name of a Zetafax attachment to be attached to a message before it is sent.

CPPClass_s Attachments

The Attachments collection object contains Attachment objects.

CPPClass_s Coversheet

The Coversheet class represents a Zetafax coversheet.

CPPClass_s Coversheets

The Coversheets collection object contains Coversheet objects.

CPPClass_s Device

The Device object contains the configuration information and status of a device attached to the Zetafax server.

CPPClass_s Devices

The Devices collection contains Device objects.

CPPClass_s File

The File object contains the path of a file to be attached to the message before it is sent.

CPPClass_s Files

The Files collection object contains File objects. To attach Zetafax attachments to the message use the Attachments collection.

CPPClass_s Inbox

The Inbox object represents a user's Zetafax IN directory.

CPPClass_s Letterhead

The Letterhead class represents a Zetafax letterhead.

CPPClass_s Letterheads

The Letterheads collection object contains Letterhead  objects.

CPPClass_s Link

The Link object allows a user to retrieve information on the status of a link. It also provides statistics on the Link 's performance.

CPPClass_s Links

The Links collection contains Link  objects.

CPPClass_s Message

The Message object allows access to the details of sent and received messages.

CPPClass_s MessageHistories

The MsgHistories collection represents a message's transmission history and contains MessageHistory objects.

CPPClass_s MessageHistory

The MessageHistory object contains an item in a message's transmission history.

CPPClass_s MessageInfo

The MessageInfo object contains information about a single Message object

CPPClass_s Messages

The Messages collection contains Message objects from either a User's Inbox or Outbox .

CPPClass_s NewMessage

The NewMessage object allows the logged on user to prepare and submit a new message to the Zetafax server for sending.

CPPClass_s Outbox

The Outbox object represents a user's Zetafax OUT directory.

CPPClass_s Recipient

The Recipient object contains address details of an addressee for whom a message is intended.

CPPClass_s Recipients

The Recipients collection object contains Recipient  objects.

CPPClass_s Server

The Server object allows control over the Zetafax server, and access to objects describing the server's state.

CPPClass_s ServerInfo

The ServerInfo object exposes the status and configuration of the Zetafax server.


CPPClass_s UserSession

The UserSession object contains details about a Zetafax user's configuration, messages and gives you the ability to create new messages for sending.

CPPClass_s ZfAPI

The ZfAPI object is the Application object of the COM version of the API, and is the only object that can be created directly. You must create this object and logon before you can access any of the other objects.





Type Definitions


Enum_s DevStatusEnum

The DevStatusEnum enumeration specifies the current status of a Device.

Enum_s EventEnum

The EventEnum enumeration specifies the event described in a MessageHistory object

Enum_s FaxTypeEnum

The FaxTypeEnum enumeration specifies how a recipient will be sent a message

Enum_s FormatEnum


The FormatEnum enumeration specifies the format of the data file to be sent

Enum_s HeaderEnum

This HeaderEnum Enumeration specifies the content of the header line to appear in the top page of each fax

Enum_s LinkStatusEnum

The LinkStatusEnum enumeration specifies the current status of an LCR link

Enum_s PriorityEnum

The PriorityEnum enumeration specifies the priority of an outgoing message

Enum_s QualityEnum

The QualityEnum enumeration specifies the resolution when sending a fax

Enum_s RouteEnum

The RouteEnum enumeration specifies the type of route used

Enum_s SendTimeEnum

The SendTimeEnum enumeration specifies when a message will be sent

Enum_s StatusEnum

The StatusEnum specifies the current status of a message

Enum_s UserStatusEnum

The StatusEnum specifies the 'user status' of a message (that is the user's awareness of the message)

Enum_s ZfErr

The ZfErr enumeration specifies the errors returned the API.