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CPPClass ZfLib.Message



The Message object allows access to the details of sent and received messages.




You can use this object to delay or rush messages that have not yet been sent.


To create a new message you have to use the NewMessage  object returned by UserSession.CreateNewMsg .





Method_s AbortMsg

The AbortMsg method aborts the sending of a message.

Method_s DeleteMsg

The Delete method removes an entry of the message from the IN or OUT message information file.

Method_s GetMsgHistories

The GetMsgHistories method returns the MessageHistories  collection containing the transmission history of the message.

Method_s GetMsgInfo

The GetMsgInfo method returns the MessageInfo  object. This allows access to information about a message.

Method_s HoldMsg

The HoldMsg method holds the sending of the current message.

Method_s MarkMsgAsRead

The MarkMsgAsRead method changes the 'user status' of a message to 'OK'. This will make it appear as 'read' to client programs.

Method_s ReleaseMsg

The ReleaseMsg method releases a held message and places it in the message queue for sending.

Method_s RushMsg

The RushMsg method is used to rush a message for sending.

Method_s SendMsg

The SendMsg method places a message in the message queue for sending by the Zetafax server.


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