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CPPClass ZfLib.NewMessage



The NewMessage object allows the logged on user to prepare and submit a new message to the Zetafax server for sending.



At least one Recipient  must be configured before sending.

The message is sent using a submit file.






Method_s Send

The Send method submits the prepared message to the Zetafax server for sending.




Read-only Properties


Property_s Attachments

This property retrieves the Attachments collection used to add Zetafax attachments to the new message.

Property_s Body

After a message has been sent successfully this property contains the message body name.  This is useful when you wish to keep track of the message in the Outbox .

Property_s Files

This property retrieves the Files collection.


This property retrieves the Recipients collection.



#Read/Write Properties


Property_s After

The After property specifies the time and date after which the message is to be sent.

Property_s Charge

The Charge property specifies the billing code to use for a message.

Property_s Comment

The Comment property specifies the message description usually displayed on the right of the Zetafax client OUT window.


The CoverSheet property specifies the Coversheet  to be added to the new message.

Property_s Covertext

The Covertext property specifies the text to be added to the selected coversheet.

Property_s Delete

The Delete property specifies whether the server should delete the message from the OUT folder after it has been sent.

Property_s Format

This property specifies the file format of the data file to be sent.

Property_s From

The From property specifies the name that is put on the message Coversheet as the sender of the message.

Property_s Header

The Header property specifies the format of the Header line to appear at the top of each page of the message.

Property_s Hold

The Hold property specifies whether the message will be held once it is in the queue, i.e. it will not be sent until the user releases it.

Property_s Letterhead

The Letterhead property specifies a file (Letterhead ) on which to merge the message before sending.

Property_s Preview

The Preview property specifies whether a preview file is to be prepared for the message.

Property_s Priority

This property specifies priority of the message.

Property_s Quality

The Quality property specifies the resolution to be used when sending the message.

Property_s SendTime

The SendTime property specifies when the message should be sent.

Property_s Subject

The Subject property specifies a message Subject  line, which is displayed on the coversheet an in the Zetafax Client's out window.

Property_s Text

The Text property specifies the Text  of the new message.

Property_s User

The User property specifies the Zetafax user submiting the message.

Property_s CustomField

The Custom Field property allows users of the API to specify their own custom data




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