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What Zetadocs can do for you



Zetadocs makes your life easier by automating your document processes


Reduce your processes to one or two steps by setting up templates to combine standard items such as price lists and brochures into your documents automatically.

Set up folders for departments so team members can share Zetadocs documents.

Set Zetadocs to copy your PDF documents to managers or public folders automatically as they are sent.

Store and maintain your corporate stationery such as letterhead centrally, so any Zetadocs user can then overlay it onto their documents.

Store and maintain your standard documents such as price lists and brochures centrally.

Use Word Mail merge with Zetadocs' embedded commands to automate the emailing of mail merges: each recipient receives a personalized email with a personalized PDF attachment.

Use Excel lookup functions to instruct Zetadocs to include the appropriate PDF documents from a shared library in emails automatically.

Integrates easily with quotation and booking systems, databases, CRM, ERP and accounts software to save time, ensure consistency and improve the presentation of documents.


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