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The key features of Zetadocs PDF



PDF creation

Create and send Acrobat compatible PDF documents from any application that prints.
Drag and drop files to Zetadocs PDF printer to convert single or multiple documents.
Print from Office applications, including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook.
Send PDF documents directly to email recipients.
Save PDF documents to disk for publishing to intranets or web sites.
Maintain document integrity by specifying PDF security features such as allow printing, content extraction and password protection.
Create searchable PDFs so that information can be retrieved quickly and simply.
Password protect PDFs using 40-bit and 128-bit encryption to prevent unauthorized viewing.
Merge multiple existing PDFs into a single document without losing properties such as typefaces.
Compact PDF file size means documents created using Zetadocs are quick to send and download.
Automatically apply unique page numbers (Bates Stamps) to outbound documents.



Zetadocs PDF interface        

Combine documents from multiple sources such as Microsoft Word and Excel into a single PDF.
Apply stationery like business letterhead to enhance the look of your documents.
Build PDF documents using a WYSIWYG image of what your recipient will see.
Quickly convert documents to a single PDF and send them using Microsoft Outlook.
Document Explorer shows lists of documents printed to Zetadocs and that are waiting to be sent.
Resend option allows documents to be resent easily.
Reading pane allows you to view your document in detail, at different resolutions.
Thumbnail view helps you navigate around your document and modify page order.
Drag and drop pre-saved stationery or attachments from the Accessories Window to build your document.
Filter Accessories by type to allow fast access to specific document types.
Preview window allows you to preview thumbnails of stationery and attachments before applying them to your document.
Remove stationery and delete page to remove unwanted changes.
Outlook Address Book integration enabling quick retrieval of lists for message addressing.
Assistant Pane provides context sensitive help on how to use Zetadocs.



Document automation        

Print and send documents as PDF by email or fax (optional) with a couple of mouse clicks, saving time on document production.
Combine with Microsoft Word's Mail Merge or other report writers to send PDF documents singly or in batches.
Personalize PDF documents for each recipient, sending specific, tailored information to each individual as required.
Specify which stationery, attachment or template to use under program control.
Specify email message body text, subject line and recipients in "To", "Cc" and Bcc" fields.
Microsoft Office add-in allows users to add automation commands automatically.
"Copy automation" command enables error-free set up of document automation commands.



Document template properties        

Templates allow properties of document types to be specified, such as always add conditions of sale and company stationery for quotations.
Document template creation wizard makes it simple to create and share document templates, saving time and ensuring consistent corporate image.
Electronic stationery can be applied to document templates and modified easily.
Single or multiple attachments can be saved in the system for quick access and re-use, saving time.
Define email message body and recipients: a standard email covering message can be applied in a document template, saving time.


Microsoft Office integration        

Preview, overlay and combine documents from Office before sending via Outlook.
Full sent message audit trail using Microsoft Outlook/Microsoft Exchange Server means sent items can be quickly retrieved and resent.
Integration with Microsoft Outlook address books allows for direct lookup and retrieval of addressee information.



Multi-user features        

Standard documents such as stationery and attachments can be stored on the system for fast access by network users.
Shared stationery, attachments and document templates can be managed centrally by Network Administrators or Business Managers to ensure documents comply with best practice and consistent corporate image.
Personal documents are protected using file system security.



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