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The key benefits of Zetadocs PDF



Automated document production and delivery

Zetadocs is designed to save time by automating document processes for teams and departments right across the


Automate production and delivery of PDF documents for specific tasks like sales quotations, account statements, customer information

packs and management reports and send them automatically.

Combine any number of Windows documents to create a single, great looking PDF.
Multiple users can have access to individual Zetadocs documents stored centrally on the network:

changes made to standard documents such as corporate letterhead need only be made once.

Apply rules to copy your documents to colleagues, management or public folders automatically.


Profit from productivity improvements

Zetadocs can replace arduous paper processes, so everyday tasks can be completed faster:


Store and update standard or commonly used documents such as price lists and brochures centrally

in Zetadocs for fast retrieval.

Deliver documents instantly, to single or multiple recipients, and improve your customer service.
Simply print from any Windows application to create your PDF, then drag and drop other documents

into it to build a single PDF that you can preview as you go.


Smarter documents for better business

Company branding like letterhead and logos can be added to any document created with Zetadocs, helping you

make a positive impression on your customers.


Create great looking PDF documents effortlessly on screen, without the inconvenience or wastage of


Ensure employees' compliance with best practice by automatically adding standard documents like

Terms and Conditions to sales quotations and purchase orders.

Apply security automatically to all outbound documents, maintaining confidentiality.


Save time searching for attachments by merging your documents to create a single, convenient PDF file, tailored for

each recipient


Easy to use and manage

Zetadocs is intuitive, so network users can get quickly up to speed, and can be installed, configured and deployed

quickly and easily.

Deploy from a single, central location using Windows Group Policy: no need to install or configure at individual desktops.
Automatic update service gives access to latest version upgrades and patches.


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