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Upgrading from an evaluation system

In order to upgrade your Zetadocs PDF evaluation system to a trial or full Zetadocs PDF version, follow these steps:



Within the Zetadocs PDF Configuration Program

Step 1:        Follow the steps described here for entering your Zetadocs licence number and add-on licence numbers.


Note: After you enter you the Zetadocs licence you will be prompted to register, skip this step until you have entered all your add-on licenses to avoid multiple registrations.


Step 2:        Once you have successfully entered your all your licence details you will be required to re-register the system. Follow the steps detailed here on registering Zetadocs PDF.


Note: That once you have successfully registered your trial or full licence Zetadocs PDF system that the configuration information storage location will default to Active Directory if it is present on the network. This storage location is specified on the General screen in the Zetadocs Configuration program. For information on using this effectively see the help here.


Step 3:        Now proceed to configure the rest of your Zetadocs PDF system including adding users, archiving and setting up shared network folders. Then click Save and Exit.



Within the Zetadocs PDF Client

When you now start the Zetadocs PDF Client it will still be pointing to your Evaluation licence configuration.


To begin using your new entered licence information:


Step 1:        Launch the Zetadocs PDF Client.


Step 2:        Go to Tools -> Options.


Step 3:        On the Licensing tab select the configuration location you specified on the General tab of the Zetadocs PDF Configuration program earlier and click OK.


You will now be required to restart the Zetadocs PDF Client to begin using your full licence.