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User management

The user management option allows you to specify which of the users on your network are authorized to use Zetadocs PDF.  


On the right hand side of this page, you will find a record of how many user licenses have been purchased, and how many users are using those licenses.  At any time, you can increase the number of user licenses by purchasing an additional user license.  


To activate a single user from a domain


Step 1: Select Add from Domain.


Step 2: Using the Locations option, navigate to your local domain. By default the dialog will search your entire user directory.


Step 3: Type in the user name you wish to activate for example "Sam Smith" within the Object names text box:


Step 4:  Check the name using the Check Names option.


If the user name is correct, the name will be displayed along with the users email address in the Object names text box.  If it is incorrect, a further dialog will be displayed that allows you to modify the details you have entered.


Step 5:  Press OK and your user will be added.



To activate Multiple users from a domain

Step 1: Select Add from Domain.


Step 2: Select the Advanced button.


Step 3: Using the Locations option, navigate to your domain.


Step 4: Select the Find Now button to display all users, or use the Common Queries search to search for specific users.


Step 5: Select the users you wish to activate from the displayed list (for multiple selections hold down the Ctrl key.


Step 6: Press OK to return to the Select Users dialog.


Step 7: Press OK to add these users.



To activate users from a workgroup

Step 1: Select Add from Workgroup.


The User Management screen will change to include a new Add from Workgroup text box.  


Step 2: Add the user names you want to activate into the Add from Workgroup text box.


You can add workgroup users by entering the username they use to logon to a machine, for example "jjones". You can also enter the full workgroup username which includes the name of their local machine, for example "SUNBIRD\jjones" where SUNBIRD is the name of jjones' machine.


If you wish to add several users, separate each user name with a ',', for example:


ssmith, Support\halhunter, jjones@sales


Step 3: Select OK to add the specified users.



To deactivate a user


Step 1: Find the user name you no longer wish to have Zetadocs PDF access rights displayed on the User Management screen.

Step 2: Use the Remove button to deactivate this user's Zetadocs PDF account.


Having completed your user management tasks, select the Apply option to save your changes.