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The archive and retrieval system allows for all sent documents to be placed in an archive and for this to be searchable i.e. search on document metadata. The system administrator can configure and switch on or off the archive through the Zetadocs PDF configuration program. When the archive is switched on, the pdf files sent are archived along with an associated metadata file, this allows information such as the recipient of the PDF, and the subject line to be searched for. The user is able to view the archive from the accessories window within the Zetadocs PDF program.


Configuring the archive

From within the Zetadocs PDF configuration program you can set up the archive options for all users. The options are grouped together under the Archive tab. The following options are available:


Archive Documents - a check box that enables the archive feature.

Archive Root Folder - a combo box that allows you to choose the network folder to use as the root folder for the archive. If you have not already done so, you must create a network shared folder and setup a descriptive name for this in the Shared Network Folders tab first. The suggested name for this is Archive. All users must have access to this folder and have the ability to create subfolders.


How do you want the archive subfolders to be created? - allows you to choose the method of storage:


Daily archive folders (recommended) - PDF documents are stored in folders that are dated  with the following naming convention: YYMMDD, allowing you to quickly find your sent PDFs.


Single folder - all PDFs are stored in a single folder, allowing them to be accessed by third party archiving applications.  When this option is selected, the additional checkbox: Save Metadata as CSV is also enabled, this checkbox allows you to save the metadata as a CSV file as well as in the default XML file format.


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