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How to re-submit a sent PDF

Any PDF document that you have already sent using Zetadocs can be re-submitted you are using the archiving feature of Zetadocs.  This is done using the Re-Submit option.  This will create a new Zetadocs document  (named the same as your original PDF document), storing all information, attachments and stationery as the original document.  This allows you to add other attachments, stationery and email sections as required before sending the document again.


To use this option:


Step 1:  Open the Accessories window, and select PDF document from the Type drop down.


Step 2:  From the Folder drop down, select Browse and browse to the network folder where the Zetadocs archive is located.  If you are not sure of the location, please contact your network administrator.


Step 3:  Select the PDF document that you wish to resend and Right-click your mouse and select the Re-Submit option.



Your document will now appear within the document explorer window.


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