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The Zetadocs client



To familiarize you with the general screen set up of Zetadocs, the following quick descriptions introduce the main parts of the program to help you get started quickly and easily.


Document Explorer Window

The document Explorer Window shows you all the items that have been sent to the Zetadocs PDF application for printing.

This allows you see what items are waiting to be sent, and what components are included in each document. This view allows you to manage the order of sections within your document and delete unwanted sections.


Thumbnail view

The thumbnail view allows you to see an overview of your spooled document.


This allows you to:


Navigate to particular pages within a spooled document.

Change the page order within a document section.

Change the order of document sections.

Delete pages.

Apply stationery to individual pages.



The accessories option allows you to customize your documents before sending them. There are four different types of accessory you can add to your document. in addition using this pane, you can access your sent PDF archive if this has been configured by your administrator:



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