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What is archiving?



Archiving is a way of storing your sent PDF documents, allowing you to view your documents in the future, resend your documents or add them to a new document.


PDF Archive File

When archiving is switched on, a copy of the PDF file will automatically be placed in the archive folder when you select send from the client (or do the equivalent with embedded addressing commands).


The PDF file will normally be given the same name as the PDF file attached to the email. (In the event of the filename not being unique the following convention will be adopted:


«original filename»(n).pdf


where n increments to the next available  unique number.


For example:


Quote.pdf,  Quote(1).pdf, Quote(2).pdf …)


However if you wish to archive a file with a set name, you can specify this using the Output file embedded command.


Note: if you choose to preview the email, the file will be archived, regardless of whether the email gets sent.


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