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Zetafax Login



To use Zetafax you must be logged in to the Zetafax Server using an account name.  In most cases you can use your Windows Account name to log in, alternatively Zetafax Account name can be given. The Zetafax login dialog box will be displayed whenever you launch the Zetafax Client unless you check the Don't ask me again box.  


Zetafax Server

The Server that you wish to Logon to - All previously accessed servers are available from a drop down list, with the last server accessed displayed.  To change to a new server, browse to the desired location using the browse '...' button.


Windows Account

Uses your current Windows Account to log on to Zetafax


Zetafax Account

Uses your Zetafax Account to log on to Zetafax. Your Zetafax Account may be different to your Windows Account.


Don't ask me again

Select this option to automatically logon to the Zetafax Client without being prompted for your Username.


To get the Zetafax client to prompt for the username each time it is run, access the Customize dialog from the Options menu from within the Zetafax Client and choose the Prompt for username at startup option.



Attempts to login using the Zetafax username entered.



Exits Zetafax without attempting to login



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