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Modem Troubleshooting

This help file is designed to address some of the most common problems people face when using a modem:


My modem is not hanging up after making a call.

Edit the following file using NOTEPAD: zfax\SYSTEM\Z-DB\SETUP.INI


Scroll down the file until you find the FCLASS paragraph for your modem, e.g. [FCLASS-1].

Locate the line following line:



Modify this line so that it looks like this:

CheckInit1: ATH


NOTE: that there should be a space after the colon ':'.


Zetafax is reporting the error No suitable device for addressee' when I try sending a fax.

This means that Zetafax is not able to locate a device that can be used for sending. If you have not configured a modem for use with Zetafax you should do so. If you have setup a modem using the Zetafax configuration program the above message will be reported if the modem has been configured for receive only. To allow sending from a device that has been setup within Zetafax perform the following tasks:


Run the Zetafax configuration program

Select the option Configure devices'

Select your modem and click on the EDIT button

Deselect the option Use for incoming calls only

Click on OK then choose QUIT from the configuration menu

Restart the Zetafax Server


Sending to or receiving from certain people always seems to fail. Why?

If you are experiencing difficulties with sending / receiving check if this is happening with all devices sent to or receiving from.


If you can successfully send to other devices it is most likely that there is an incompatibility between your fax modem and the other fax device.


Try the following:

Check on the Equisys web site (www.equisys.com) that you have the latest version of the Zetafax FCLASS driver

If using Zetafax 6 or later, use the Zetafax configuration program to change the modem settings to enable Class 1 operation this helps with many compatibility issues

Check with the modem manufacturer that you have the latest version of the modem firmware.


I have got an internal fax modem, how do I know which fax classes it supports.

Use HyperTerminal in the Accessories | Communications program group. When prompted for a connection name type in test' and click OK. You will then be asked which modem to connect with, choose COM'n', where n' is the com port number used by your modem. Click OK twice.


Type the following in the terminal window:




The modem reply will give the class supported, and will be of the form:




Where 0 is for data, 1 is Class 1 fax, 2 is Class 2 fax and 2.0 is Class 2.0 fax. A reply of ERROR confirms that the modem does not support fax.


I have tried everything what else can I attempt.

Check the phone line is OK by plugging in a normal phone (Analogue). Try dialling the telephone number for that line to check that the line works correctly (is the telephone cable OK? Make sure you are using the phone cable provided by the modem manufacturer).

If you have another fax modem, try configuring that for use with Zetafax.

If characters are being dropped or erroneous data received on receiving faxes, try reducing the ReceiveSpeed setting for your modem. This can be done be running the Zetafax Configuration program. From the main menu of the configuration program select Configure devices'. Edit your modem settings and click on the More' button.

If you are using an intelligent serial card and/or special COM port drivers, remove them from the system.

Try attaching the modem to a different PC on the network, and running the fax server from that PC.



For additional information on Modem issues, please refer to our website: www.equisys.com