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Letterhead file



A letterhead is a graphics file that is used as a background for a fax.


The letterhead is stored in a multi-page TIFF FAX format file, with a version for fine (with extension .G3F) mode faxing and optionally a version for normal (with extension .G3N) mode faxing. Letterhead files are stored in the C:\Program Files\Zetafax Server\SYSTEM\ZLETTER directory.


Use a word processor to prepare your letterhead, then set up the Zetafax printer in High resolution mode and print. In the addressing dialog, click the Save as... button and save the .G3F file in the C:\Program Files\Zetafax Server\ SYSTEM\ZLETTER directory.


The number of pages used depends on the way you want faxes headed. If only one page exists in the letterhead file, it will be used for every page of a fax to be sent. If there are two pages, the first will be used for the first page of the fax (normally letterhead), and the second for the second and subsequent pages (usually continuation stationary).


Irrespective of the number of pages in the letterhead file, each will be used in order only once, then any additional pages of the fax will be merged onto the last page of the letterhead file. If you want only the first page to have a letterhead, and all other pages to be blank, then you should produce a two-page letterhead file with a blank second page.


If your letterhead is not in computer readable form (i.e. is on paper), and you do not have access to scanner, the simplest method to create the letterhead file is to send the letterhead from another fax machine (effectively using the other fax as a scanner). You should send the letterhead (one or two pages - as described above), with the fax machine set to FINE mode. The file can then be copied from the IN window on the Zetafax Client to the Z-LETTER directory using the File |Save menu option. See Faxing a cover sheet, letterhead, or attachment for further details.


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