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Add new letterhead



This dialog lets you add letterhead files to the list of installed letterheads available to Zetafax users when sending faxes, and lets you enter the details of new letterheads.  To display this dialog, select the Letterheads item in the Letterheads folder and click New in the Zetafax - cover sheets and letterheads dialog.


The letterhead file is a multi-page graphics file that is merged onto a message at send time. Use a word processor to prepare the letterhead file. The file usually has a .G3F extension, and should be stored in the C:\Program Files\Zetafax Server \SYSTEM\Z-LETTER directory.


Letterhead name


The name of the letterhead, selected from a list of letterheads that Zetafax has found but which have not yet been installed.




A description of the letterhead used to aid identification in Zetafax displays. Currently installed letterheads

the list of letterheads already installed.


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