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Zetadocs General Settings


General Settings

The Zetadocs General Settings is the main system settings and configuration page. Here you can register any license changes, configure your electronic archive site and folder structure, and up the logging level if requested by Technical Support for troubleshooting.


You can also use the Zetadocs General Settings page to import and export your entire Zetadocs system configuration so that settings from one environment can easily be replicated on another e.g. copy settings tested on your Sandbox environment over to your Production environment.


To view the Zetadocs General Settings page:


  1. Open Business Central and use the search button to search for 'Zetadocs'.
  2. Select Zetadocs General Settings from the search results.


The settings available are:






License Number

Displays the systems Zetadocs license number. Open the Assist Edit ... button next to the License Number to register any license changes that have been added to your account by Equisys or your reseller e.g. you have added extra user licenses. All license changes need to be registered here before they will take effect and be available to assign on the Zetadocs User Management page.

License Type

Displays the systems Zetadocs license type. Use the Assist Edit ... button next to the License Number to register any license changes.


Contains the Zetadocs version numbers, which can prove useful in gaining technical assistance.

Log Level

Determines the level of information logged out to Microsoft Azure Application Insights, it offers the following options.

  • ERROR - Only writes error information to the log (default setting)
  • WARNING - Writes any potentially problematic and error information to the log
  • DEBUG- Writes all levels of detail for troubleshooting difficult problems, recommended only when obtaining support or during installation and configuration
  • INFO: Logs useful information for administrators and provides a description of the Zetadocs steps and processes.


License Add-ons




Add-on Name

Displays the name of the add-ons enabled for this License Number e.g. AP Automation.

Document Limit

Displays the number of documents that can be processed for this License Number.

Documents Remaining

Displays the number of remaining documents that can be processed for this License Number.

Renews - Monthly or Annually

Displays the renewal time period for this License Number.

Renewal Month

Licenses that renew annually, renew on the 1st of the month displayed.







This option determines how Zetadocs will attempt to archive captured documents, this can be set to:

  • Off - Zetadocs will not attempt to archive items.
  • SharePoint Online - This enables the SharePoint configuration settings which Zetadocs will use to archive your documents.

Document Library

Only specify the document library name, not the full URL, the default value is Zetadocs.

Folder Name Structure

Subdivides archived documents into subfolders based on information from the sent record.

  • DATE - The Date with a format specified by the Date Folder Naming property
  • COMPANY - The recipient Business Central Customer or Vendor name
  • DOCTYPE - The Fixed Value for the ZetadocsDocumentType on the Zetadocs Metadata Mappings.

Date Folder Naming

Allows you to specify the format of the date folder structure in the archive. E.g. YYYY-MM-DD, DD-MM-YYYY, MM-DD-YYYY etc.


Documents FactBox




Load without document list to improve page load time

The manual refresh field enables or disables the Zetadocs archiving search on the Documents FactBox






SharePoint Site

This setting should be the address of your SharePoint site collection, should you be utilizing one. e.g. https://example.SharePoint.com/sites/yoursitecollection


Actions Menu


Import Configuration Data


The Zetadocs Configuration Import allows you to import configuration data into your system. The default Zetadocs configuration is copied during the Zetadocs Assisted Setup and can be run again to reset the system to the default configuration if desired.




XML file path

This field is used to browse to the configuration data XML file you wish to import. Choose Import to import the configuration.


Export Configuration Data


The Zetadocs Configuration Export allows you to export your Zetadocs configuration to an xml file, this enables you to backup your Zetadocs settings. It is often used to transfer a working system setup from a Sandbox environment to the Production environment in Business Central.


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