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Zetadocs Authorization Manager


Authorization Management

The Zetadocs Authorization Manager page lets you manage users authentication tokens.


Zetadocs supports archiving to SharePoint online and delivery using Microsoft 365. To access these online services in the Microsoft cloud, Zetadocs stores Microsoft 365 tokens for each user in an encrypted table within Business Central - the Zetadocs Authorization Manager.


To view the Zetadocs Authorization Manager page:


  1. Open Business Central and use the search button to search for 'Zetadocs'.
  2. Select Zetadocs Authorization Manager from the search results.


The settings available are:


Actions Menu




Removes the access token for the logged in user. If your Business Central user account has been assigned the Zetadocs Administrator Permission Set, then you will be able to sign-out other users too.


Business Central users are also able to Sign-out from the Menu of the Zetadocs Documents FactBox.




Allows the logged in Business Central user to sign into Microsoft and authorize Zetadocs to access token for the logged in user.




Refreshes the list of users that have authorized Zetadocs to archive or deliver documents from Microsoft 365.



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