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Document Conversion


The Zetadocs Server automatically converts documents placed within the shared network folders used for the document queues into PDF/A whilst storing a copy of the original document in another folder. These converted files are then uploaded to SharePoint Online and displayed within the Zetadocs document queue allowing the user to process the document and create associated entries and documents.


Supported Inbound File Formats

The following file formats are supported, how they are processed depends on whether OCR support has been included:


If the Zetadocs OCR Engine is installed then the following file types will be processed with OCR:


If OCR support is not included in you system files will be passed for conversion, we support the following file types:


Email message conversion of .msg files results in conversion of the email message body text and the unpacking and conversion of any supported attachments. Should any of the attachments not be in a supported format then the whole message will be flagged as having failed to convert so the user can review it in its original format.


The following file types are not supported:


Conversion Problems

There are a number of potential causes to consider should a document fail to convert. We will break them down here according to symptom.


A Document in my Document Queue says it's Conversion has Failed?


Failure to convert can be caused by either of the following:

The item added for conversion or one of its attachments is a corrupt file.

The item added for conversion or one of its attachments is an unsupported file type.


Items added to the Shared Network folder for the Document Queue no longer convert into pdf and appear in the Document Queue?


This is symptomatic of the Zetadocs Conversion service no longer running, this can be caused by exceeding your Zetadocs OCR Engine License page count should your system incorporate it. For details on checking your OCR license click here.



Restarting the Document Conversion Service

Should OCR not be installed or be within licensing limits simply restart the service by going to





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