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How to archive documents


When you process documents from the Zetadocs Document Queues, e.g. create a quote using one of the items in the queue, once processed the document is archived in the Archive Library that your system administrator specified on the Zetadocs Document Queue Setup page. At this point you will be prompted with a message informing you that a copy of the document has been successfully archived and whether you want to delete the item from the queue. Please note that deleting an item from the queue means that it will be deleted from the shared network folder as well. The shared network folder is the folder where you save all the documents that have been scanned, received by email or fax, which is displayed using the Zetadocs Document Queue.


Similarly, when you drag and drop an email message or other file onto the Documents FactBox on a Business Central record it is then automatically archived at the location specified by the administrator.


When you send Business Central documents and the document is successfully sent, it is then archived to the archive library specified on the Zetadocs General Settings, by your system administrator.


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