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Get status of all messages for user.




ZFERR FAR ZfxGetMsgListEx( ZFSESSIONHANDLE hSession, ZFMSGDIR MsgDir, short  MaxEntries, short FAR *lpNumEntries, short MsgInfoExSize, ZFMSGINFOEX FAR  *lpMsgInfoEx)







API session handle, as returned by ZfxAPIInit  call MsgDirMessage type - ZFDIR_OUT for sent messages, or ZFDIR_IN for received messages


Maximum number of entries to be returned (ie number of elements in the arrays which follow) lpNumEntriesAddress of short integer variable used to return the number of  events in the file. Note that the returned value may be larger than the value given for MaxEntries if the buffer was not large enough for all entries.


Size of the ZFMSGINFOEX structure, as given by sizeof(ZFMSGINFOEX).


Address of array of 'n' ZFMSGINFOEX structures, where 'n' is the value given by the MaxEntries parameter.





This routine gets a list of the entries in the OUT or IN window list for this  user, together with information about each one (current status, comment,  subject etc). If the program wants to find the status of just one message it is  more efficient to call the ZfxGetMsgInfoEx routine.  


If the number of entries in the list exceeds the MaxEntries parameter, then the routine returns information about the first MaxEntries entries, but sets the lpNumEntries parameter to the total number of entries in the list. Be careful therefore to only read the lesser of (MaxEntries) and (lpNumEntries) elements of the array on return. Calling the routine with MaxEntries set to 0 will just return a count of the number of entries.  


Entries are added by selecting Send (File menu) in the Zetafax client, by calling the  ZfxSendMsgEx routine, or when a new message is received. Entries  are removed by selecting Save (File menu) or Delete (File menu) in the Zetafax  client or calling ZfxDeleteMsg. A message may also be removed when it completes if it has the "delete on completion" option set, or for an incoming message if it is routed to another user or to an e-mail InBox.  


The ZfxCheckNewMsgStatus routine should be used in conjunction with  this call if repeatedly checking the status of messages, to prevent reading the  INFO file unnecessarily.


Return value


The routine returns 0 if successful, otherwise one of the following:  









#include  <stdio.h>

#include <zfapi.h>


#define LIST_SIZE 20



Err = ZfxGetMsgListEx(hSession, ZFDIR_OUT,  LIST_SIZE, &NumEntries, sizeof(ZFMSGINFOEX), aMsgInfoEx);


if (Err != 0)





if (NumEntries > LIST_SIZE)


 printf("Total messages %d\n",  NumEntries);

 printf("Displaying first %d\n",  LIST_SIZE);



for (Entry = 0; Entry < min(NumEntries,  LIST_SIZE); Entry++)


 printf("Entry %d : %s, status %d\n",  Entry, MsgInfoEx[Entry].szBody, MsgInfoEx[Entry].Status);



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