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Function error returns and reference






One of the buffer lengths specified in the call is smaller than the length of the string which is to be returned. Increase the buffer length.


The user specified in the ZfxAPIInit call is already logged on (and the 'exclusive' option was specified), or the program has insufficient access permissions to the user directories.


Unable to read the default settings for this user contained in the USER.INI files. Check the program has read access  to the SYSTEM\Z-DB directory and the user's Z-DB directory, and that these files exist.


Error running the system manager program  SYSMAN.EXE. Check the file exists in the ServerArea (as specified in the  ZETAFAX.INI file)


Error submitting request to the Zetafax server.  Check access permissions to the REQUEST directory.


Error reading or writing CONTROL file.


CONTROL file is corrupt.


Unable to open the CONTROL file. Check the  file exists, and that the program has sufficient access permissions.


General error starting the server. The error  is logged to the SERVER.LOG file in the SERVER\Z-DB directory.


Unable to create the specified file. Check the path and file name are valid, and that the program has sufficient access rights to the directory.


Unable to read from or write to the specified  file. Check the path and file name are valid, the file exists, and that  the program has sufficient access rights to the directory.


The specified file does not exist. Check  the path and file name are valid, the file exists, and that the program  has sufficient access rights to the directory.


Unable to open the specified file. Check  the path and file name are valid, the file exists, and that the program  has sufficient access rights to the directory.


The function has failed because a user supplied  callback function has returned an "abort and stop waiting" status.


Error reading or writing MSGDIR.CTL file.


MSGDIR.CTL file is corrupt.


Unable to open the MSGDIR.CTL file. Check  the file exists, and that the program has sufficient access permissions.


The data file format specified is unknown.  Check the parameter and file type.


One or more of the parameters given to the  routine has an invalid format (eg file name too long). Check the parameters.


The server directories could not be determined  from the ZETAFAX.INI file. Check the file has not been corrupted, and if  necessary reinstall the server or client on the PC.


The message specified in the ZfxSendMsgEx call is already referenced in the INFO file. This can happen if a message file is deleted manually without calling ZfxDeleteMsg to delete the references, or if an existing control file is overwritten by a new one created without using the ZfxCreateAutoFile routine to ensure no files of the given name already exist. Call ZfxAbortMsg if the status is not OK or FAILED (to delete  the message from server queues), call ZfxDeleteMsg and try again.


The message specified in the ZfxDeleteMsg  call is still being processed by the server. Call ZfxAbortMsg first, then  wait for the state to change to ZFMSG_OK or ZFMSG_FAILED.


Initialization file ZETAFAX.INI not found.  The directory containing this is normally given in the environment variable  ZFAXINIT. Check that this variable exists in the environment - for an OS/2  program being run detached or from the program manager the SET ZFAXINIT=  line must have been added to the CONFIG.SYS file, and the PC rebooted before  the change will be noted.


The ZfxAPIInit routine has not been called  successfully. This must be done before calling the given routine.


The given path or file does not exist ZFERR_SERVER_INI_FILE_ERROR Server initialisation file SETUP.INI not  found or invalid.


The Zetafax server is not running, or the  program is unable to communicate with the server. Check that the server  has not been stopped, and that the program has sufficient access to the  server REQUEST directory.


Some or all of the server programs are already  running. The server must be completely stopped before the ZfxStartServer  function or ZfxDeleteMsg function (specifying all messages) can be used.


One or more lines in the SUBMIT file specified  are invalid. The error text given in the ZfxPrintError call details the  line at fault.


The specified function has not completed within the timeout period.




Too many files (ie 1000) of the format specified  in the ZfxCreateAutoFile call already exist, and a new one can not be created.


The control file for the message specified  does not exist, or it is not referenced in the INFO file.


The Zetafax username given in the ZfxAPIInit call has not been configured on the Zetafax system.


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