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Using embedded addressing with mail merge



Mail merge is used most frequently for merging mailing address details to a standard letter in order to send personalized copies to a list of recipients.  The resulting documents are then printed to a network paper printer on company letterhead and mailed to the recipient. The embedded addressing feature of the Zetafax API can be used to send faxes to multiple recipients from a list generated by a contact manager or database.


Using Zetafax


In the same way, the addressing data fields can be replaced with fax addressing information by inserting mail merge fields in your word processing template enclosed within the Zetafax embedded addressing syntax. The addressing information is inserted when the mail merge is performed and instead of printing to a network paper printer, simply printing to the Zetafax printer renders the fax to the queue at the Zetafax server. At this stage, you can also tell Zetafax to overlay the document to your company's letterhead. For example, a section in a Microsoft  Word template may look something like:




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