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Embedded addressing information



The Zetafax client program allows addressing instructions to be embedded into documents using embedded commands.


Supported platforms


Embedded addressing is supported using the Zetafax Printer driver on the  following operating systems:


- Windows XP

- Windows 2000

- Windows NT 4.0

- Windows 95/98


Embedded addressing is not currently supported on Microsoft Terminal Server, Windows Terminal Services or Citrix Metaframe environments.


Use without the API


Limited support for embedded addressing commands and DDE is standard in Zetafax. This guide gives details of all of the options available when the API toolkit is purchased for the product.


The concept


Word processor and other applications' documents may contain commands to  indicate where a fax should be sent, together with a wide range of settings  such as the time of sending, priority, resolution, coversheet and letterhead to use. If these commands are used in a document, they must be typed using one of  Zetafax's own typefaces, and in the appropriate syntax - for example:


%%[Fax:123 456 7890]


When the document is "printed" using the Zetafax printer driver, the addressing commands are used by the Zetafax client program in place of the addressing dialog boxes. Provided adequate details are given, no dialog boxes will be displayed and the fax or faxes will be submitted to the fax server automatically.


Supported fonts


The Zetafax printer supports embedded addressing in Windows XP, Windows 2000,  Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 95/98. When using embedded addressing commands they  can be entered into a document in any available Windows font; however the  embedded addressing commands must use the appropriate syntax and appear on a  line of their own. Earlier versions of Zetafax under certain operating  environments required the use of Zetafax specific fonts for embedded  addressing.


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