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API configuration



From the Zetafax Configuration program, located on the Zetafax server, you can adjust the parameters specific to the ZSUBMIT program. Select the ZSUBMIT automatic file submission program option from the Server settings options:




Selecting this option will open the Zetafax - configuration options dialogue:




These options are already setup with values, allowing the ZSUBMIT program to be used however, you can change these settings to better meet your needs:


Directory for files


Specify the directory which the ZSUBMIT program looks in for SUBMIT files to send. Any files found whose names match the given specification (normally "*.SUB" - see Expert setup options will be interpreted as SUBMIT format files and submitted to the server for sending.


Scan frequency


Specify the polling interval, in seconds. This is how often the program looks for SUBMIT files in the directory for sending and check the status of messages already queued. Reducing this value will increase the processing overhead of the program.


Zetafax user account


Set up the user account details for use with auto submission of faxes.


Default user


Specify the Zetafax user account to be used when submitting files. All messages will be sent as if by this user, unless a user name is specified in the SUBMIT file. If the user name is left blank then each SUBMIT file must specify a user name.


Allow any user


Specify whether users can specify the Zetafax user name in the SUBMIT file, overriding the name given in the Default user field. Do not check this box if you want to ensure that messages can only be submitted as the given user when using the ZSUBMIT program (e.g. for permissions or security reasons).


Delete successful messages


Check this box if faxes that have been sent successfully (i.e. faxes that would be displayed on the Zetafax Client with a tick) should be deleted automatically. This is useful in systems where a large number of faxes are being submitted automatically and you just want to check for any which have failed.


Maximum queued messages allowed


Specify the maximum number of messages that may be active in the queue for this user at any one time. If the value is 0 then any SUBMIT file found in the directory will be submitted to the server immediately, when it is found. Otherwise the file is only submitted if the number of active messages is less than the specified value. The program will wait for one of the existing messages to complete, before submitting the file.




Save any changes that have been made to the ZSUBMIT automatic file submission program configuration, and exit the Zetafax - configuration options dialog.




Do not save changes made to the ZSUBMIT automatic file submission program configuration, and exit the Zetafax - configuration options dialog.




Reset the ZSUBMIT automatic file submission program configuration to its default settings. The settings are not saved until either OK is clicked or another category icon is selected from the scroll (left).


If you use the scrolling icons on the left to move to another Category, any changes made to the ZSUBMIT automatic file submission program configuration are saved.


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