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The ZSUBMIT program



The ZSUBMIT program is a part of the API toolkit which lets DOS, mini and  mainframe programs send faxes and text messages by creating text files in a  shared directory on a file server. For example, faxing purchase orders or  invoices usually only requires adjusting an accounts packages report writer.

A text file needs a few lines added to give the fax/mobile number and message  options. Logos and signatures can be included and the text may be merged onto a  multi-page form using the letterhead feature in Zetafax. This approach gives  results rapidly.


This section introduces and explains in depth the format of submit files required by the ZSUBMIT program. Typically, this section can be used as a reference for both users of ZSUBMIT and the COM and C language APIs. Finally, there are some example SUBMIT files giving instances of its use.


Creating SUBMIT files

SUBMIT file Message Option lines

SUBMIT file Message Addressing lines

SUBMIT file Message Text commands

Action commands

Example SUBMIT files

Sending SMS messages

Example SMS SUBMIT files Submitting SUBMIT files Sending ASCII text files as messages