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How to troubleshoot errors when sending a batch

When sending large batches of documents using Zetadocs delivery errors can occur for a number of reason, a selection of which are listed below, most of these are outside the ability of the Zetadocs Client to fix such as bad addressing information. In this topic we will cover how to review a batch with errors and resolve these to complete the sending of the batch.


Issues which can cause batch errors:


Addressing Problems - Zetadocs checks to ensure that email and other addressing details are correctly formatted flagging those which are incorrect, for example email addresses without an @ symbol in the address.

Missing Attachments or Stationery - Sending will fail if Zetadocs cannot find the stationery that was to be applied to the document or any associated file attachments are missing.

Third Party Resources - Zetadocs relies on other software and services on your network to complete delivery, errors can occur if items like Outlook are not present or working as expected.

Network Problems - Problems with the internet connection can obviously prevent Zetadocs from delivering your documents.

Archive Unavailable - Archiving documents when sending requires access to the archive location or SharePoint library, should these be unavailable then archiving would fail.



Viewing Error Messages

On sending a batch if errors are present the error message pane will appear at the bottom of the Zetadocs Client. This details the batch that the error occurred in as well as the time and the type of the error that occurred. The items in the batch that had errors will also still appear in the Zetadocs Client, below is information detailing how to resolve the most common errors.



Addressing Problems

Addressing problems are amongst the most common errors but are thankfully very simple to resolve, simply find the batch the error pertains to and find the document which has the addressing problem. Review the field which has been identified in the error message as the source of the problem and update the faulty addressing information, resend the batch when you have cleared all the errors and Zetadocs will complete the sending of the batch using the revised information.



Email sending failed. Invalid 'From' address 'bademailataddress.com'. Please resolve or remove the 'From' address and resend.

Failed to resolve email address for:Example User

Failed to send email to: 'bademailataddress.com'



Missing Attachments or Stationery

Should Zetadocs have a problem locating a file attachment or stationery file simply review the error to identify the file in question and ensure that the file is in the expected location and Zetadocs has access to it before resending the batch.



Email sending failed. Some referenced file attachments could not be found. Please ensure the file attachments exist and that you have access to them. Files: Terms and Conditions.pdf

Failed to send email. A problem was encountered attaching the PDF to the email.



Third Party Resources

Zetadocs can work with a variety of third party applications, sometimes an issue with one of these applications can cause Zetadocs to fail to send a batch. Check the application in question, if possible and try to resend the batch. Should the problem persist please contact your system administrator so they can resolve the issue.



Email sending failed. There was an error communicating with the email application. Please check your Email Integration settings and try resending.

Email sending failed. Unexpected error during communication with Outlook. Please try resending.

Failed to print to addressed printer: Example Printer. Unexpected error during printing.



Network Problems

Zetadocs obviously relies on the underlying architecture of your computer systems, as such problems with your network can cause a variety of batch sending issues such as making the archive unavailable. Network error usually cause multiple errors simultaneously as without a working connection to the internet email delivery or document archiving will not work. As such should you come across many errors with no successful delivers you should check your network it operating as expected before resending the batch.



Failed to establish connection to SharePoint site.

SharePoint site url is not valid.

Email sending failed. Unexpected error during communication with Outlook. Please try resending.



Archive Unavailable

The archive location is handled much like another deliver address, as such when trying to resolve archiving errors simply check the archive address to ensure it is correct before attempting to access the archive location to ensure it is available and that you have access. Once you have established that the details are correct and it is available select the Publish option to attempt to archive the batch again.



Failed to establish connection to SharePoint site.

The following SharePoint site is invalid or unavailable for archiving: https://example.invalid.sharepoint.address.com



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