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General settings

To access the options select the Tools option from the Menu bar and then Options.



Document Explorer Settings


Confirm file deletion

Should this tick box be selected, every time a file is deleted, the Zetadocs PDF program will not delete files when requested to do so without double checking that this is the correct action to take.


Delete document after send

Should this tick box be selected, documents will be automatically deleted from the Zetadocs PDF application once the send button has been used.


Preview document before sending

When you ask for a document to be sent from Zetadocs, this option will allow you to preview the resulting email and PDF attachment before it is sent.



Email Integration

Allows you to configure settings for your mail server, whether you are using Outlook, an SMTP mail server or Lotus Domino mail server. The Server settings options are only available if you are using SMTP or Lotus Notes.

The View emails before sending option determines whether the email solution you are using such as Outlook displays the message before sending.



PDF file options

Allows users to configure PDF file options settings, with the options to either use a smaller file size, or produce better quality image but with a larger pdf output size.



Email Format

The mail message format option allows you to specify whether the email body uses plain test formatting or HTML formatting. HTML formatting gives you the access to the following options via a toolbar located above the message window: font, font size, bold, italics, underline, formatting, bullet points and point numbering. Some email clients may not support HTML email, you should check your email clients support materials for further information on compatibility.  



User information

The only field on this screen is User name/ department.  This is designed to allow you to set your Zetafax Username.



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