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You can use the ACT! options tab to configure ACT! database connections. An ACT! database connection consists of a database filename (.PAD file), username, and password. A name is automatically assigned to an ACT! database connection – this is taken from your company name (stored in "My Record" in the ACT! database).


Note: Please ensure you have a "Company" name set on the "My Record" contact. This is not required for Act but it is required for Zetadocs PDF.


Zetadocs PDF supports multiple ACT! databases, therefore you can add multiple databases at different locations, using different usernames and passwords. Note that Zetadocs PDF cannot use more than one database which has the same company name (from "My Record").


Note: If this dialog is disabled, then Zetadocs PDF did not detect an ACT! 7 or ACT! 8 installation on your system.


Add – Click on the Add button to add an ACT! database connection.


Edit – Click on the Edit button to change an ACT! database connection. You can change the database filename or location, username and password. You will need to update the connection if your company name has been changed in the database.


Remove – Removes an ACT! database from the list.


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