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Use from the Zetafax Client



Forwarding messages


Sender ID forwarding may be configured from the Zetafax Client Program by using the Forward (File menu) command. If you select the Forward all future messages check box on the forwarding dialog, a new Sender ID rule will be added. Any future faxes received from the same sender for this user will be routed to the user you are forwarding to instead.


Once a rule is configured, it can be changed using the Zetafax Configuration program. See Edit sender ID routing rule or Software Configuration for more information.


Organization name


The organization name is displayed in the Zetafax client's In window when a fax is received. After viewing a fax received from an unknown organization, you are prompted for the organization name (provided you have administrator privilege, and the fax has not been forwarded to you by another Zetafax user).


When you set the organization name for a received fax, the In window entry is updated, and any future faxes from this company will be labeled with the company name; for example From: First Fisheries instead of From: 012 666 7888 .


To change the organization name for a message in your In window, click Name of Sender (Tools menu) when viewing it. Other entries may be edited using the Zetafax Configuration program.