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Server settings



Provides dialogs that control the configuration of a specific area of functionality of the Zetafax server programs. Double-click an option in Server settings to display the Zetafax - configuration dialog.

You can control settings in the following categories:


Email gateway

Setting email options for sending received faxes directly to a users email account. See Email gateway settings for options with the Zetafax email gateway disabled, or see Email gateway enabled for options when it is enabled.


Archiving of messages received or sent

Allows a copy of any files sent or received to be stored. See Archiving options.


Automatic printing of sent faxes

Allows a hard copy of all sent faxes to be automatically produced for your records. See Print - sent options.


Automatic printing of received faxes

Allows a hard copy of all received faxes to be automatically produced for your records. See Print - recd options.


Zetafax server remote administration

Settings allowing you to control the level of access permitted by remote administrative machines. See Zetafax server remote administration.


General configuration options

Provides general configuration options for the Zetafax Server. See General options.


Phone number category rules

Allows the Zetafax telephone number type rules to be set up. See Phone number category rules.


Off peak time definition

Allows you to set the time period when off peak call charges apply. See Off peak time definition.


Sending ASCII text files

These options are used if a text file is sent directly using the Zetafax Client File Send option, rather than printed from a word processor (using the Zetafax printer driver). See Text files options.


Queuing and retry parameters  

Queuing faxes waiting to be sent. See Queuing and retry parameters options.


ZSUBMIT automatic file submission program

Provides configuration options for the ZSUBMIT program used by Zetafax API programs to automatically submit messages for sending. See Auto submit options.


HPSCAN direct scan-to-fax program

Provides configuration options for the HPSCAN program supplied with the HP Network ScanJet 5 and HP Digital Sender devices. See HP scanner options.


Least Cost Routing of faxes

Provides configuration options for Zetafax's Least Cost Routing facility. See Least Cost Routing options.


Telephone dialing properties

Provides configuration options for the number format for dialing out from this server, and to international destinations. See Dialing Properties options.


Enhanced Security settings

Applying security. See Enhanced Security settings.


Share Zetafax Folders

Create folder shares to enable Zetafax client access. See Share Zetafax Folder Wizard.


Automatic inward routing

Zetafax can use a number of methods for delivering received faxes automatically to their intended recipient. These include giving each user their own fax number, or specifying that all faxes from a given company should be sent to a particular user. See Routing options for more information.


Do Not Dial Control

Sets up a list of numbers that all Zetafax users are prevented from sending faxes to.   These can be specific numbers or partial numbers for example area codes.


Junk Message Filter

Allows you to change the way in which messages marked as 'Junk' are dealt with for all users.


Conversion of sent and received messages

Allows you to convert sent and received messages into different file formats, only available if the CommsEngine addon has been added. See Conversion of sent and received messages


If you use the scrolling icons on the left to move to another Category , any changes made in the previous category are saved.