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New Sender IDs routing rule



This dialog lets you enter the details of the new sender ID routing rule.


Messages for


The name of the user to whom the message was sent. If you want the rule to match messages regardless of the user to which they were sent, select (unaddressed) . Such rules takes lower precedence than rules that do specify a user.


Sender ID


The sending fax machine's station identifier (CSID) or the sending line's Calling Line Identification (CLI). Only digits and letters are significant. You may also enter spaces and other formatting characters, and those there are retained, they are ignored.




The name of the sender's organization. The Zetafax Client In folder displays this to aid identification of the fax sender.


Route to


The name of the user to which messages to the specified user and with the specified Sender ID will be routed. To cause the rule to simply add the organization name and not reroute the message, select (none) .


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