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Email Gateway Troubleshooting



This section is designed to address some of the most common problems people face when using the Email Gateway:


Incoming faxes are being passed to the email gateway but not appearing in my Outlook client.

Is Zetafax running as a service or as an application? If you are unsure check the Zetafax Server window. Look at the top left had corner of the window if it states Zetafax Server' then it will be running as an application. If it is running as a service then it will display Zetafax Server monitor'.


If Zetafax is running as a service then stop the service and run it as an application. If the messages are now appearing in your Inbox then you will need to check the account permissions that Zetafax is running under. The account needs to have specifics rights to write/delete files in the Zetafax connector folder. This is especially important if the Zetafax Server is not on the same machine as your exchange server. Normally a domain administrator account should be used.


Faxes are still not coming through even when Zetafax is running as an application and the interactive user account has domain admin rights.

Check directory zfax \server\mailout (where zfax is the location of your Zetafax installation). In this folder check to see if there are any files with a $ extension e.g. ~MAIL080.$. This file type is a corrupt fax.


Delete this file and restart the Zetafax Server, faxes should now start going through to the email gateway and appearing in your in box.


There are no files with a $ extension but there are build up of .sin and .ini files in the Zfax\server\mailout folder.

Arrange these files by Date/Modified and move the oldest files out of the zfax \server\mailout directory to another location (e.g. into a temporary folder on the desktop).


If faxes start to go through move the files back again, however if after copying any of these files these files stop new faxes being processed then these files have been corrupted and should be deleted.


When I send a fax it remains in my Outbox in my outlook client.

Check to see if the driver is enabled in Email gateway setting. This can be found in Zetafax configuration, Server setting, Mail Gateway, configure.