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Zetadocs Templates


Zetadocs includes a number of preconfigured document templates to make setting up a system faster. These templates contain Zetadocs stationery and an email message which have been deliberately constructed to provide a starting point from which to build and customize your system.


To view the Zetadocs Templates page:


  1. Open Business Central and use the search button to search for 'Zetadocs'.
  2. Select Zetadocs Templates from the search results.
  3. Now click the Template ID to view its settings


The settings available are:






Used to upload template files, attachments and stationery PDF files.


Used to download template files. The document template will be downloaded to your browsers default download area.

Template ID

A unique number for the template is generated when you use the TAB key to move through the page.

Template File

Use the assist edit button to select the document template you have uploaded which will be in this format: e.g. Invoice.zdt.


Template *.ZDT files are XML files that define which stationery is applied, what attachments are added, the email message used and controls how each email message will be constructed.


Name of the title of your template.


Enter a brief explanation of what the template is used for.



A default stationery file has been provided, which by default is applied to all preconfigured templates included with your installation - ZD-Stationery.pdf. This means you would only be required to update this stationery file for it to apply to all document templates, or you can apply individual stationery files to each template.




Stationery File

When left blank the default stationery (ZD-Stationery.pdf) will be used. Use the assist edit to use an uploaded stationery PDF file instead.



The preconfigured document templates do not include an attachment to allow you to include your own company specific documents like terms and conditions that you may wish to distribute.





Use the Select Attachment button to add any attachments that will be sent along with the report, like terms and conditions.

NOTE: For upgrading customers, attachments referenced directly in the Template *.ZDT files are not visible here, but will be sent in addition to any additional attachments listed here.


E-Mail Properties

Each template contains a default message which will form the email message body and subject when the document is sent using Zetadocs. This default message can be replaced by your own email message.


E-Mail Body

Zetadocs will use the Word Report Layout feature of Business Central for the email body by default if one is set. Word merge fields can be added to the Word Report Layouts to fully personalize the email message body.  See How to Add Fields to a Word Report Layout - Business Central.


NOTE:  Zetadocs Delivery pages displayed during the sending process will only show an E-Mail Preview of the email message body when a Word Report Layout exists for the Business Central report being sent. No preview is shown when using the Zetadocs Template email body.


E-Mail Subject

The default email subject can be overridden by setting the E-Mail Subject Format including any Zetadocs merge fields that will be replaced with fields sourced from within Business Central.




E-Mail Subject Format

Used to overwrite the default email subject defined in the Zetadocs Template. If left blank, the default subject line from the template will be used. The following Zetadocs merge fields can be included to personalize the subject.


Zetadocs Dynamic fields

Replaced with the...


Full name of the Business Central contact


First name of the Business Central contact


Last name of the Business Central contact


Customer/Vendor number in Business Central


Business Central Record ID


Customer/Vendor name in Business Central


Use Zetadocs Template E-Mail Body

Zetadocs will use the Word Report Layout feature of Business Central for the email body. You can override this behavior by setting this field.  If no Word Report Layout is set, then Zetadocs will continue to use the default email message in the template.


Deleting document templates, stationery and attachments


  1. To delete the document template file, stationery files or the attachment files from the template store.
  2. Select any Template ID on the Zetadocs Templates List to open a Template Card page.
  3. Make the page editable and then use the assist edit button next to select the file you wish to delete.
  4. Press the Delete key.
  5. Repeat for all files you wish to delete.


Downloading multiple document templates


  1. In Business Central, open Zetadocs Templates.
  2. Select all the templates to download and select Download.
  3. The document templates will be zipped and downloaded to your browsers default download area.



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