Zetadocs SDK API

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Zetadocs SDK API

Welcome to the Zetadocs API browser – your one-stop shop for all Zetadocs-based APIs from Equisys. 


For examples of collections management go to the OnBeforeDevliery event and for examples of Autolinking go to the OnBeforeCapture event.


Event name



Before an email is sent, this event will happen on the Batch Server.


When a user clicks on the Auto Linking Button, before attempting to Manually Link a document.


Before archiving documents to SharePoint Online with Zetadocs, includes archiving on Zetadocs send; archiving with the Factbox and archiving from a Documents Queue.


Runs after any Zetadocs System/Customer/Vendor rules have been applied to the email.


Runs after the whole Delivery and/or Archiving process has been completed.