Testing Document Queues

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Testing Document Queues


The Sales and Purchase Document Queues have the capacity to generate a number of different documents within Business Central. These are predetermined, and you should do a test for each that you intend to implement in the system.


Creating a Document using the Sales and Purchase Document Queues

  1. Open Business Central Client and open the Zetadocs Sales Document Queue.
  2. Ensure the queue is populated with a selection of sample or test documents.
  3. Select one of the items from the queue.
  4. Select Archive and then the type of document you wish to test. In this case, we’ll look at a Sales Quote.
  5. This will display the Sales Quote. Fill in the form as usual and when finished.
  6. Close the Sales Quote.



  1. You will be asked whether you want to delete the document from the document queue. If you no longer require the document to be in the Document Queue, you can delete it. You can always go back to the archive location where the document was saved to view it.
  2. Repeat this process for the other Sales items and the Purchase queue as required.
  3. Open your archive and ensure the documents have been archived as expected.


Test Shared Location Updating

  1. Create an email with an attachment and save it as a .msg file into the Zetadocs Document Queue’s shared network folder location.
  2. Select the Queue > Refresh menu button and ensure that the saved email.msg file is now in the Document Queue converted into PDF format.
  3. Select the entry in the Zetadocs Document Queue and click Item > View. Verify the item is viewable in PDF format
  4. Select the entry in the Zetadocs Document Queue and click Item > View Original. Verify the item is viewable in its original format.


Check Delete

  1. Select an entry in the Zetadocs Document Queue and click Item > Delete.
  2. Verify the document is removed from the Queue and also that it successfully deletes the file from the Zetadocs Document Queue network folder location.



Next Step

This completes the testing of Zetadocs Capture Essentials Document Queues. If you are not installing any Advanced features, your setup is now complete.